Wednesday, April 16, 2008

D.I.S.C. Gold Version 3.2

Capped Corner

Overlapped Corner

Mitered Corner

Standard Corner

D.I.S.C. Gold Version 3.2 is a full digitizing software that combines Digitizing, Editing, Lettering, Designs Management and many other features in a complete user friendly environment.

it allows you to automatically digitize vector images or to manually digitize your own designs, and has all of the features of all of the major professional digitizing programs at a fraction of the price.

One of those features is a choice of cornering options.

When you are digitizing a column stitch and you have to turn it at an accute angle you can run into a couple of problems. One is a build up of stitches on he inside of the angle, which can cause both thread breaks and actually bore a hole in the garment. The other is extremely long stitches which will look unsightly and also tend to get caught and break. To solve these problems we give you four different cornering options. The four cornering options illustrated above are: standard, mitered, capped and overlapping. While the standard cornering option is usually the preferable choice, you will run into situations where you will need to opt for one of the other choices.

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