Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Extend The Life of your Machine

Just like your car, your embroidery machine needs regular maintenance, to assure it is working at its optimum performance level and maximize its lifespan.


Embroidery machines run at high speeds and high speeds create friction and heat, proper oiling reduces that friction, and the damage it can cause. There are oiling ports all over your machine and the manual clearly outlines the lubrication intervals for each port. After oiling make sure there is no excess oil, which can stain the products you are embroidery.


Thread creates lint as it is drawn through the needle, dust is in the air, when you combine them with oil, particularly in the hook assembly of your machine, a paste is created which can affect the tension on your bobbin thread and ultimately seize the hook. To avoid this it is necessary to clean the hook assembly area with a brush or canned air at least once a week. Also check your bobbin case to make sure the thread path is clear of this same oily residue.


Thee are areas of your machine which require a heavier lubricant than oil, those areas require greasing, you can find the required schedule in your manual.

Regular Check ups and Maintenance

It is always a good idea to schedule a machine check-up with your technician at least once a year. The technician can determine if there are potential problems with your machine that can be remedied before they develop into larger issues which can interfere with your productivity.

In the long run, the small amount of time it takes to take proper care of your machine will be more than made up by the increased performance and productivity you will ultimately achieve.

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