Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Embroidery Sales Basics

For many embroiderers, the most daunting task is actually meeting with prospective customers, introducing yourself and your company’s services. However calling on customers is only intimidating if you are not prepared. In order to get ready to hit the ground running you might want to run through the checklist below and make sure that you have done your homework.

Are you a good listener?
Are you prepared to spend as much time listening to needs of your customer as you are prepared to talk to them?
Along with speaking, a great salesperson knows when to stop talking and listen. They never cut someone off while they are talking; you need to identify your customer’s needs before you can satisfy them.

Can you follow their lead?
Salespeople should be naturally inquisitive. As the saying goes “You don’t know until you ask?” The only way to know how best to serve you customer is to identify their needs.

Can you identify a problem?
The service of embroidery is really providing a solution to a problem. Great salespeople are always solving problems. The ability to hone in on what the buyer's problem is and offering a multitude of suggestions that will diminish the odds of losing the sale. Be positive and be creative.

Are you well organized?
By well organized, I mean in terms of you thoughts. Can you break things down into smaller steps and attack them on at a time. The largest of problems can be solved I a series of small simple steps.

Can you motivate yourself to get started?
Often starting the sales process is the most difficult step, from there it is all downhill. Don’t fail before you even begin.

Can you think positive?
Sales is all about attitude. If you start out negative it will become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Stay positive, if you think you are going to make a sale you will.

Can you put yourself in your customer’s shoes?
Try to empathize with you customers, understand the way the think and always respect their viewpoint.

Can you be trusted?
Honesty truly is the best policy. If you don’t know an answer to a question, find out. Don’t wing it, that gives you a fifty percent chance of being wrong. Telling the truth is the best way to illicit your customers trust and confidence.

As an embroider you are the expert, let your customer know that and also let them know that you love what you do. This is the best way to develop a long lasting partnership with all of your customers.

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