Thursday, May 8, 2008

Luxurious Linens

Did you ever smell an aroma or hear a song or even glace at a photograph and find yourself transported to another time and place? Our minds allow us to do this instinctively and uncontrollably. Great designers create this same type of instinctual response with their work. Those who do this well create a hunger for their work in the consumer arena. Many times we talk about the importance of customer service as a means of developing brand loyalty, but the true meat and potatoes of consumer desire is great design. It will always win out in the end.This month we are honing in on the linen market, and linens of any kind are big business right now. It seems, however, that interest is especially strong in luxury linens. This is great for embroiderers because embroidery tops the list of upscale embellishments.While luxury fabrics are important, in an effort to differentiate themselves, many designers are turning to embroidery for that very special touch that sets their designs apart from the competition’s. Embroidery as a process allows the designer to add texture, a unique colour palette and a virtually unlimited amount of patterns. Embroidery can impart traditional or extremely modern design themes, as well as anything in between. It can also be incredibly intricate or the height of simplicity, depending upon the impact or feeling you are trying to impart. Within the area of embroidery you also have optional treatments such as appliqué, cutwork, cording and boring, along with many others, and combinations of techniques to further emphasize the textural aspects of your designs.
Using a border frame to hoop these large items accomplishes three important things: It increases the size of your embroidery field, it make it easier to hopp more accurately, and if you are embroidering on a multi-head machine allows to to embroider a continuous design without re-hooping.
Get your inspiration from everything around you. go shopping in person or on-line, take a look at wallpaper borders and fabrics, start designing and digitizing, and producing, your customers are everywhere and looking for something new and unique. To add an even more special touch leave a space for a monogram to be added later at the point of sale.
Use these designs and techniques as a departure point and take them even further by imprinting them with your own unique style and vision.

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