Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Men's Fashion Embroidery

Embroidery is everywhere. Blouses, shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets and shoes all sport some type of embroidery. Another exciting trend is the combination of tie-dye and screenprinting with embroidery, which offers a very fresh, new look.Embroidery is popular because it is readily available, but also because designers have found ways of making it look anything but traditional. This has made it not just popular, but on the cutting edge and very desirable.Embroidery is once again hot, especially in the new men’s wear lines. Textures derived from a variety of different threads, tropical patterns, geometrics, hand-driven run and chain stitches are used together or separately to form totally new looks.In examining some of the fashion embroidery shops around the globe, we notice some very obvious facts. Most fashion embroidery is produced flat on either pre-cut pieces or on flat goods, which are cut later. Lasers have been added to many of the production rooms for various purposes: to cut individual pieces, cut designs in garment sections, create decorative borders or etch the surfaces of fabrics.As for the new men’s wear fabrics, we see natural fibres used with both ethnic-inspired and bold graphic designs, but we also see new synthetic fibres in sheer and opaque forms paired with anything from cross-stitch to multi-layered appliqu├ęd fabrics and trims.This is a very exciting time for men’s wear because of the continued rise of the casual and corporate casual sectors. At the forefront of all of this is embroidery. Designer’s needs are fuelling expansion of embroidery shops, which is increasing the size of our overall global industry.

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