Monday, September 29, 2008

Choosing The Right Stitch Type

Satin stitches take center stage because they reflect the most light (shiniest). Use this stitch type for whatever you want to be most prominent in your design. Running stitches and fill stitches are much duller because they are comprised of small stitches which don’t reflect as much light. To increase the prominence of these stitch types increase their stitch length. When you vary stitch types and the direction of those stitch types within your designs you increase the interest and complexity of the overall design. Embroidery is an art form with texture. We create more textural interest when we vary stitch type and direction. We basically use running stitches for detail work. Satin are used for filling thin areas and borders and for creating focal points in our designs. Fill stitches are used for filling large areas with stitching.When you vary the direction of the stitches in your design you assure that the light will hit the design at different times from different angles, this gives the design a lot of life. You can also use this to create 3-dimensionality in the design. As you change the angle of the stitches you can make the area of the design recede or jut out.By experimenting with the different stitch types and direction you can come to realize what a huge impact this can have on the effectiveness of your embroidery.

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