Thursday, September 4, 2008

Embroidered Patches

Embroidering on Pre-made patches is much easier than you might have thought. Pre-cut blank patches are readily available. While patches can be purchased with a heat seal backing, they can be more of a challenge to embroider on. The heat seal backing can cause your needles and hook assembly to be gummed up causing tension problems. You can add a heat seal backing or peel and stick backing after you finish embroidering the patch.

You can use the repeat key on you embroidery machine to enter in the dimensions from center to center of your patches in both the X and Y directions. This will make sure that you matches will you uniform and further automate the process.

Patch Frames
Patch Holder Attachments for Embroidery Machines allow for the simultaneous attachment of up to 12 separate patches within the same frame, eliminating the need for constant interruption of labor and increasing the productivity of your workforce.
The patches are held in place by spring loaded frames that hold the patches in place firmly without leaving marks. Patch holders are made to any size, shape and for any machine. This handy product will increase your quality, productivity and profit.

Adhesive Backing
An alternative to patch frames is to use peel and stich adhesive cut-away backing within either your border frame or you largest hoop. Use you copy and repeat function on you machine keyboad as you would with a patch frame. After you run you first set of patches trace the patches on the backing and then carefully cut around the embroidery to remove the patches while keeping the backing in the frame. You now have a patch frame holder which can be used over and over. You might want to slip a piece of tear-away backing underneath and replace it for every run.
There are not many companies out there that offer low volume patch orders, using either of these techniques will allow you to easily take advantage of this luctritive niche market.

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